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"Floating little islands..."


For photographer Peter Andrew Lusztyk Focus Stacking is a technique, that allows you to create the most possible details in a picture.

December 14, 2023
"Floating little islands..."
Active ALPA Photographer

Pushing the boundaries with Focus Stacking

Safron milk cap © Peter Andrew Lusztyk

Macro photography discloses a fascinating world of details, patterns, and textures that are often overlooked.

The process of focus stacking begins with capturing a series of images, each focused on a different part of the subject. This sequence of shots covers the entire depth of the composition. Once the images are captured, a post-processing software aligns and blends the individual frames. The result is a final image that transcends the limitations of a single shot, showcasing sharpness from foreground to background.

"I want to make you see the world the way I see it. "

During the years of childhood, Peter Andrew Lusztyk used to join his parents for collecting forest mushrooms. While some people just walked by, he always has had an eye for special views and beauty.

Even years later when being in the Canadian forests, mushrooms still draw Peter’s attention and inspired him to capture a series of these natural and fragile beauties in his own visual language.

© Peter Andrew Lusztyk

"I had this idea back in my mind for the past 3-4 years"

Shortly after Peter started working with an ALPA Focus Stacking Kit and digital back IQ4 150 from Phase One for his multi series mushroom project, his team members were taken by surprise.

"Look at these floating little islands!" one said when the team was checking the unprecedented detail and sharpness of the images on the computer screen. It is like stepping into a different world.

Behind the scenes ©Peter Andrew Lusztyk
Behind the scenes © Peter Andrew Lusztyk

Behind the scenes © Peter Andrew Lusztyk

"Sometimes it´s technology, that brings you forward!"

Throughout his career, Peter has been aware of the brand ALPA of Switzerland. In the past he had done focus stacking with various equipment yet this time, he admitted, he wanted to work with the best gear in the industry.

His quest for macro photography led him to the ALPA Focus Stacking Kit with a reproduction scale between 1:4 and 4:1.

"I want to shoot everything with this camera"

Peter confirms that if he uses the best possible equipment then he entirely focus is on the creative process rather than on dealing with the limitations of the equipment. The image of the mushroom in this newsletter is composed of 20-100 individual frames and are rendered in postproduction to the perfect product.

Focus stacking technology allows for revealing the visual details of an object at an incredible depth.

Equipment in use:

ALPA Focus Stacking Kit FPS/105 float/ Phase One IQ4 150

ALPA Fokus-Stacking-Kit FPS/105 Float

ALPA Focus Stacking Kit FPS/105 float - complete with stacking unit, ALPA 12 FPS, high-end macro lens ALPA Macro Switar 5.6/105 mm (with floating element for 1:4 to 4:1); with accessories and extension tube PRO50 mm for image scales down to 2:1

Phase One IQ4 150

Due to high-resolution The Phase One IQ4 is often considered well-suited for cultural heritage applications due to its high-resolution capabilities, advanced features, and specialized functionalities that cater to the unique needs of preserving and documenting cultural artifacts and heritage sites.

Third party product - not sold by ALPA

About Peter Andrew Lusztyk

"Photography for me is the process of turning ordinary or overlooked things into something that causes you to pause and examine and make your eyes explode because it's so incredibly beautiful. "

© Peter Andrew Lusztyk

Peter Andrew Lusztyk is a commercial photographer, based in Toronto, Canada. He started his professional carreer in photography with an apprentice ship as a photographer and worked as a freelance assistant.

Growing up in Canada, surrounded by beautiful landscapes, forests, mountains gives you a different view on nature.

"Focus Stacking is a technique, that allows you to create the most possible details in a picture"

Who knows this better than Peter Andrew Lustzyk, a specialist producer of large prints which he frames as “turning small items in big and loud images”. His artwork is recognized among collectors and showcased in international galleries.

Canadian Dollar Bill from the series “Collectible” @ Peter Andrew Lusztyk

"For my personal work I feel it is most important to make the art, that I want to see"

The fact, that collectors and galleries enjoy Peter Andrew Lustzyk´s art is the proof, that he is not the only one, that enjoys his art.
His artwork is displayed in galleries like S16 Gallery, Montreal and Picture This, Stockholm

See Peter Andrew Lusztyk working with the ALPA Focus Stacking Kit FPS/105 float

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