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NEW DATES - ALPA Masterclass in Italy


Explore the art, the mindset and the process of landscape photography together with ALPA Ambassador Gianluca Federighi.

NEW DATES - ALPA Masterclass in Italy

TUSCANY ALPA Masterclass - limited to 6 places

If you feel the desire to immerse yourself in the shining color, interrupted only by dark cypresses. Where, sharp-edged shadows,the sun, the clouds, the morning fog create a unique atmosphere. Where, the green meadows ,the plowed fields the whitish terrain of the clay exude total beauty. Where, the silence is broken by the rustling of a running small hare, the song of a buzzard and a robin flutters among the leaves of the old and bright green olive trees.

New dates:

  • 28.06.2024-30.06.2024
  • 19.07.2024-21.07.2024
  • 20.09.2024-22.09.2024

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WINTER SEASCAPE ALPA Masterclass - limited to 6 places

If you love wild beaches, those full of wooden logs, scattered everywhere   that look like marine animals belonged to a prehistoric era, if you love the scent of the sea, fiery sunsets and the dawns of a thousand colors, the tranquillity of a winter beach where you can slow down the pace of life and be able to reflect and take long exposure photographs until the sea looks like silk , then this workshop is for you!

New date:

  • 8.9.2024-9.9.2024

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