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Tresor - Insights into the World of Swiss Private Banking - New book by Peter Beyer


Swiss banking secrecy fascinates the world and who wouldn't like to take a look behind the scenes?⁠

November 23, 2023
Tresor - Insights into the World of Swiss Private Banking - New book by Peter Beyer
Neues Fotobuch

ALPA Ambassador Peter Beyer opens for us the (vault) doors of the Swiss private banks, which are closed to the general public. ⁠

In his book "TRESOR" he presents an impressive documentation of large-format black and white photographs. In doing so, renowned architectural photographer Peter Beyer succeeds in using a classical approach to create an impressive portrayal and homage to the great tradition, history and future of Swiss private banking as part of Swiss culture.⁠

The precise photographic approach allows for an exciting portrait of the vault and business premises with their own appeal. At the same time, the portrayed architecture of the different houses reflects the multifaceted approach to serving a wide variety of clientele and demands. The whole spectrum is shown, from historical relics, functional adaptations, transparent structures to interior design close to an art gallery. A world in transition!⁠

The book is available here:⁠

About Peter Beyer: ⁠

Born in Hamburg, Germany, Peter Beyer is a professional photographer focusing on architectural, industrial and reportage photography, currently based in Zurich, Switzerland. He is working for clients in the Manufacturing Industry, Banking, Automotive, Magazines, Architects, NGO’s and on his personal Fine Art projects. His style reflects a clear and precise approach to photography with carefully selected impressions. Especially all personal Fine-Art-Photography projects are realized strictly in black and white.⁠


The book is available here